Snowmobile Storage

We offer convenient storage for your snowmobiles at our Plymouth location. Store your sled with us by the week, month, season or year-round. You’ll enjoy direct access to the entire VAST trail system via corridor Route 4 in the Calvin Coolidge State Forest, gas, food, service and parking. We also offer snowmobile rentals for your friends. Our snowmobile storage facility is covered and secure.

Our Easy-Rider program keeps your sled in top shape with monthly service by our certified pros in addition to storage.

$350.00 each summer ( includes spring and fall prep) April 15-December 15
One (1) weeks notice for early pick up. (Parts and accessories are not included)

$350.00 each winter ( fee covers storage only) December 15-April 15
24 hour pick-up notice required.

$600.00 per year (includes summer and winter privileges) December 15-December 15
One(1) weeks prior notice for early pick up.

$150.00 addititional to year-round storage or winter storage. We will gas, oil, grease and service monthly. ( bills monthly for those items – five (5) month maximum per agreement)

Click here to download our Snowmobile Storage Agreement, or contact us for more information.